Naomi teaches classes in the vinyasa style, also sometimes described as dynamic or flow yoga. These classes are designed to develop flexibility, strength and mindfulness through a combination of standing and seated postures and mindfulness meditation, as well as offering an aerobic cardiovascular workout to those who want it!

Yoga is suitable for young and old, men and women alike, and the invigorating and physical style of Naomi’s classes offers something for everybody: relaxation, flexibility, coordination, but also powerful resistance weight-training for those from a traditional gym background! With regular practice, yoga encourages weight loss, muscle development and relief from the aches and pains that come from over-sedentary lifestyles and stiff joints.

Her classes are accessible to beginners through to intermediate students, although complete beginners to yoga may benefit from taking a short introductory course or a few personal classes prior to joining an ‘all levels’ class.

Vinyasa is a Sanskrit word that means ‘to place in a special way’, and which can be interpreted as ‘sequenced’. This means that students move from pose to pose as part of a sequence, rather than working on each individually and without connection to any other.

Modern vinyasa yoga is a modified form of the Astanga Vinyasa yoga taught by Sri K Pattabhi Jois, and is very similar to it in a number of ways. Naomi’s vinyasa classes open with the traditional sun salutation sequences (Surya Namaskar A and B), and move through series of standing, seated and closing poses that are similar to the Astanga Vinyasa primary series.

However, in the vinyasa style one is free to combine poses in creative ways and to leave out poses which may be inaccessible. This freedom to adapt and curate the original Astanga Vinyasa sequences makes it possible to build classes which explore particular themes, or are more suitable for a particular group.

Sequenced yoga in general also places an emphasis on breath, which can be lost in non-flow styles. In vinyasa, the use of the breath to bring you into and out of the pose upon inhalation or exhalation is intuitive and steadying. The focus on near-continuous movement throughout the class also helps to build heat in the body, very helpful to people who are less naturally flexible, especially on cold British mornings!

If you have any questions about whether Naomi’s classes will be suitable for you, please drop her a line by email.